RUMOR: ‘Raya and the Last Dragon’ Premier Access to End in June

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Marvel Studios is about to enter its next test to see if their upcoming release of Raya and the Last Dragon could turn profitable. The film will release in March. Kelly Marie Tran is tackling the leading role alongside Awkwafina, who will be the titular dragon. The first official trailer was released just a few days ago to kick-start the marketing of their next attempt at this streaming model. Now, the big question on everyone’s mind was if Disney might take a different approach with Premier Access this time around. Shortly before Mulan was released, they announced that the film is free for all Disney+ subscribers. It was made available three months after its initial paid release, and it seems that Raya and the Last Dragon might follow a similar model. According to Streaming Buffer, they discovered the planned release date in the source code.



It looks like the film might be eyeing a release on June 8th for all Disney+ subscribers for free. Yet, some interesting stipulations may go against this. First off, June 8th is a Tuesday, which is uncommon for a streaming release. Disney+ commonly aims for a Friday, which was the case for Mulan. The three-month difference does sound reasonable, but it is uncertain after Mulan’s underperformed if they would stick to the same release window. Also, we tried to cross-reference the source code within Disney+, but there is currently no specific menu for the upcoming film.

As such, we weren’t able to replicate the availability of this data. It currently is not available in either the US or German service. The only thing we were able to confirm is that there is a. link for /rayainfo that links back to the help center. So, there could be some validity to the showcased data. For now, we can only take it with a grain of salt until some more evidence gets revealed. There is a chance this is also just a placeholder once the page is made available in the service.

Source: Business Insider, The Streaming Buffer, Disney+ Help Center

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