RUMOR: Sony Developing a Spider-Man Spin-Off Based on Dusk

spider-man dusk

Marvel Studios has been quite successful in adapting the various characters from their 80+ years of history. Their success has ignited many others to try and copy their approach. Most notably, Sony has been desperately trying to make a Spider-Man Cinematic Universe happen. It has seen some crazy ideas being spun around, such as an Aunt May spy-thriller. The Amazing Spider-Man 2 was originally going to be a launchpad for various characters, such as a Sinister Six spin-off. After the film’s sub-par Box Office, they turned to Marvel Studios and announced that future installments of the web-head would be co-produced. Of course, that didn’t stop Sony from continuing their connected universe plan, which got a new start in 2018’s Venom. Since they’ve announced a sequel with Venom: Let There Be Carnage, the postponed Morbius, and a Spider-Woman film that is still in pre-production.

Well, it looks like we can throw one more hat into the ring, as Illuminerdi reported that they are also planning on a film focused on Dusk. If you are wondering who that might be, you are not the only one. The character of Dusk was someone from the Negative Zone. He fought the tyrannical Blastaar alongside a group of rebels before meeting Spider-Man. However, shortly after he arrived the man holding the title died and he ended up wearing it. Later on, Cassie St. Commons would take on the mantel in 1998. It would be very likely they are going to combine the Negative Zone storyline with Commons. Currently, there is no talent attached to the project, so it might just be an idea that gets left on the drawing board.

Source: Collider, Illuminerdi

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