SDCC: ‘House of the Dragon’ Screenwriter Teases the Dragons

house of the dragon

Continuing our coverage of San Diego Comic-Con, Hall H continues with a panel on the upcoming Game of Thrones spinoff with the House of the Dragon. The first spin-off from the wildly popular adaptation of A Song Of Fire & Ice brings us to a time when the Lannisters were not in power, but rather explore the Targaryen empire. We heard these stories throughout Game of Thrones, but now we are going to see them play out on the small screen. One question that has popped up a ton as we are ready for the August premiere of House of the Dragon: how many dragons will we see?

During the panel, screenwriter Ryan Condal was asked whether how dominant we’d see the symbol of the Targaryen and their rise to power. Given that Daenerys birthed three dragons in the original series, and we saw the skulls of dragons under Kings Landing, it does bode the question of how many would appear. He reveals that seventeen dragons are present throughout the HBO Max’s series runtime.

Now, keep in mind that in Game of Thrones lore only a select few Targaryens can ride dragons. So, it is going to be interesting to see if there is this competitive nature between the various family members that can ride and the ones who can’t. Still, seventeen dragons are nothing to scoff at and would go a long way towards explaining the expensive budget the show is working with.

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