Seth Green Recorded ‘What If…?’ Long Before ‘Avengers: Endgame’ Even Released in Theaters

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We’ve known for a while that Marvel Studios always looked far into the future when it came to their projects. Their CEO Kevin Feige famously talked about having years mapped out. Yet, when Disney+ became an option, their entire gameplan may have taken an interesting shift. Avengers: Endgame was the end of one era and the beginning of another, which wouldn’t see the daylight until 2021 due to the pandemic. Still, we got quite the announcements after the major film for Phase 4 including the animated series titled What If..?. In an exclusive interview with Seth Green, who voices Howard the Duck, found out he had already recorded quite some time ago.

Who Is Howard the Duck in 'What If…?' Episode 2? You've Seen Him Before

He states that he recorded his lines a year before COVID even happened, highlight that “it was before Endgame came out.” As such, he may have already recorded them in February or March of 2019 potentially. He does state he has long forgotten when and shares his love for the comic series that inspired the series. We don’t know how much the pandemic postpone the plans for their first animated project, but it probably had the most flexibility. It doesn’t require any sets to be built and shot on location. Still, it’s curious that he recorded so far in advance as Jeffrey Wright revealed that he did work in his pajamas during the quarantine to prepare for some of the episodes.

It seems that they scattered out the recordings throughout the years of development. There’s a chance they may have updated a few lines here or there in a similar way to how films do reshoots. Animation takes quite a bit of time and it’s not surprising that they may have had scripts ready long before they even entered the process. It makes you wonder if others’ hows are also underway, as they teased more animation projects are heading our way. Here’s hoping we won’t wait long to find out.

Source: ComicBook

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