‘Shang-Chi’ to Release on Disney+ in November to Celebrate Disney+ Day

shang chi

Shang-Chi has been making headlines as it dominates the box office throughout the last three weeks. Naturally, some have been wondering when we can expect the series to finally premiere on Disney+, as it’s one of the first pandemic films from Disney not to get a simultaneous release. Luckily, it seems the wait isn’t as long as one feared. Disney has unveiled its plans for Novembers’ grand Disney+ Day. The day will feature specials on Star Wars‘ popular bounty hunter and even a glimpse into the MCU’s future. Disney took the opportunity and will also release Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings alongside this special occasion. As such, the film will be available on November 12th for subscribers of the streaming service.

It’s not the only thing to release on that day, as Jungle Cruise will also be available to all subscribers. It was the last film to release under the Premier Access banner, which is uncertain to return in the future. The box office has been doing better as of late, but Disney might keep it in their back pocket in case the pandemic acts up again. It’s curious they wouldn’t try to also get Free Guy on the service, as it’s also PG-13 and a major theatre-only release this year. Of course, it’s not part of the new 45-release window deal that was made with Shang-Chi, but it’s curious they didn’t try to re-negotiate after its success at the box office. Either way, it’s great that more people get to see one of Marvel Studios’ best origin film.

Source: Walt Disney, Twitter

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