‘She-Hulk’ Seeking to Cast Augustus Pugliese and Arch-Rival Titania

We are finally getting some new casting news for She-Hulk. The upcoming Disney+ show will shine a spotlight on Bruce Banner’s cousin Jennifer Walters. After an accident, Bruce saves her life by giving her a blood transfusion, but it ends up transforming her into the titular character. The show cast Tatiana Maslany in the titular role as it eyes a March production start. Now, we have our first news regarding the supporting cast that will join Jennifer in her legal drama.

Let’s start with the standout casting of a villain. The character of Lucy is a glamorous Social Media influencer. She is described as a Kardashian and will have a considerable role in the series as a potential antagonist. Our best guess would be the character of Mary MacPherran, or better known as Titania. She is Walter’s arch-nemesis in the comics. Her character description is a far departure from what we are used to, but she sounds like the perfect foil to the more straight-laced She-Hulk. It would also be interesting to explore a character that focuses on her looks but ends up trying to compete with Jennifer through brawn.

The other supporting characters seem to be closely related to Jennifer’s day job as a lawyer. Susie, who is a 30-ish Asian-American, might be Angie Huang, who worked as her assistant during the Marvel NOW! run. Marvel Studios is also looking for a male co-worker, who would be a John Krasinski-type person. That description would match the character of Augustus Pugliese quite well. In the comics, he had a crush on She-Hulk and even became her roommate at one point. They were both involved in a storyline where Spider-Man sued J. Jonah Jameson for libel.

It was uncertain how much of the series would focus on her time as a lawyer, but it seems quite likely that we could have a procedural show similar to Law & Order or even Suits. The genre is quite popular, so they have a lot of inspiration to pull from. It’ll be interesting to see how this series will be from the rest, as Marvel Studios seems keen on making these shows stand out from the usual franchise structure so we could get a closer look at a world filled with superheroes and powered individuals.

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