‘Disney Gallery: The Mandalorian’s Second Season Heading for a Christmas Release

Disney made the genius move to create an entire documentary series that takes a closer look at the development of their major Disney+ Originals. The Mandalorian kicked off the streaming service off, so it was the first to introduce the concept. Why is Disney Gallery a fantastic addition to the streaming service? Not only does it offer a closer look at the series’ development, but most notably, it offers subscribers even more content. It was the perfect way to keep subscribers as we didn’t get any additions to the service for some time. Now, as the Star Wars series entered its second season, we wondered if we will also see a continuation of the gallery showcase.

Luckily, the site What’s On Disney Plus was able to confirm its existence through a listing in Australia. It is set to release on December 25th, so it will be Disney’s Christmas present for those wondering what to watch during their holidays. Sadly, there are no more details available on the series. In the first season, we got a roundtable of people that were involved with the project. There is a good chance that it will look quite different, as they must’ve filmed this during the pandemic. So, we could have the roundtable replaced with Zoom calls.

Still, it looks like Disney Gallery is here to stay. We also recently learned that WandaVision will get its own entry in the series, so their strategy with the first entry was quite a success. The concept is fascinating and offers a closer look into the creative process that we’ve ever had. Just seeing the various parties involved discuss the process and what inspired them showcased how much love and work goes into these series. Hopefully, we might see this concept expanded to cover major film releases, such as Black Widow. It just shows how much potential there is with such a simple series concept.

Source: What’s On Disney Plus

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