‘Somebody Feed Phil’ Gets a Season 6 Renewal, Was Filmed Back-to-Back

somebody feed phil season 6

If you’ve ever needed a show to just make you smile, Somebody Feed Phil might be the show for you. The culinary travels of Phil Rosenthal are about to premiere its fifth season which consists of five episodes, but it turns out that they actually filmed a sixth season back-to-back. In an interview with Variety, Rosenthal confirmed that an additional season is on the horizon, as well as confirmed that they had to postpone one location due to the pandemic.

We filmed 10 episodes in the sweet spot between Delta and Omicron. Remember that? So from August to January, we pretty much filmed everything. We only had to postpone one location because of Omicron, but we swapped in another one in the United States for that. And we’ll go back to [that other location eventually.

Phil Rosenthal

The upcoming fifth season will include locations from Oaxaca, Portland (Maine), Portland (Oregon), Madrid, and Helsinki. So, there’s a good variety of Portland and other international locations that Rosenthal got to visit. Sadly, they wouldn’t confirm what the other five locations are going to be for the sixth location but it’s good to know that there’s more Somebody Feed Phil on the horizon no matter what. With a title like that though, you’d think the poor guy is starving.

Source: Variety

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