‘Spawn’ Movie Lands ‘Joker,’ ‘Captain America 4’ Writers

The ‘Spawn’ movie is set to get a new script from Todd Silver, Malcolm Spellman and rising screenwriter Matthew Mixom.
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For the past few days, Todd McFarlane has been teasing news regarding Spawn, and it looks like we finally know what it is. The Hollywood Reporter announced on Wednesday that Todd Silver, Malcolm Spellman and rising screenwriter Matthew Mixom have been brought on to pen a new script for the long-gestating Spawn reboot.

The Spawn movie has been in development at Blumhouse Productions since 2017. While it’s unclear if Jeremy Renner is still attached to star in the film, Jamie Foxx is confirmed to still star as the titular anti-hero in the reboot. Another major change to the production? McFarlane, the man behind Spawn, was originally considering directing the film. He has, however, stepped down after realizing he might now be the best man for the gig. “If we’ve got an A-list actor, A-list producers, A-list writers, then do you want to shoot for A-list directors, A-list cinematographers? The answer is, ‘of course.’ Let’s keep the momentum going.”

Silver is perhaps best known for helping write Joker, which earned Todd Phillips and Silver adapted screenplay Oscar nominations. Silver is said to have helped pen the sequel, Joker: Folie à Deux, which is set to star Joaquin Phoenix and Lady Gaga. While Spellman, who created The Falcon and the Winter Soldier, is currently at work on the script for Captain America: New World Order. As for Mixom, he’s relatively new to Hollywood and got his start in 2017 with the music documentary Yesterday Was Everything.

In a statement to THR, Spellman explained that it’s an “honor” to get to write Spawn, noting how important the character is to him and how excited he is to make a different type of superhero film.

“I grew up in Berkeley, which is a comic book city. Todd McFarlane’s SPAWN character was always one of my favorites — a Black superhero that was no bullshit, he was cool and dealt with modern issues. Myself, Matt Mixon, and Scott Silver are pledged to honoring what Todd started and what SPAWN is at its core, delivering something that’s relevant and edgy and unlike any other superhero movie out there.”


As of right now, the Spawn reboot does not have a director attached and the team seems to be seeking a new studio partner. With a new writing team attached, perhaps we’ll finally see some movement on Spawn in the near future.

Source: THR.

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