‘Spider-Man 3’ Set Photos Tease Mysterio’s Effect on NYC

spider-man mysterio

Right now, WandaVision is on everyone’s radar, but Marvel Studios has been working hard on prepping their future projects. Some time ago, we covered set photos from the upcoming Disney+ Hawkeye series, which finally confirmed Hailee Steinfeld‘s casting as Kate Bishop. There hasn’t been much circulating since, but luckily it seems that Spider-Man 3 has taken to the streets to film a sequence between Tom Holland‘s Peter and Zendaya‘s MJ. As we cannot share those photos here, you can check them out by clicking this link.

That isn’t all, as we also got one more set video that confirms an old foe still left his presence known after the events of Spider-Man: Far From Home. @atlanta_filming shared a video of a local newsstand that includes various small details. Of course, there are two posters that really stick out. There is the return of Mysterio through an “I Believe” poster alongside another one that states “Citizens to Defend Spider-Man”. So, it looks like New York City will be very divisive on the truth surrounding the accusations of Spidey being a killer or not. Mysterio may have died at the end of the last film, but his presence will haunt Spidey throughout the threequel.



I love these details on set and am curious if the camera will linger on it once the film finishes production. The newsstand also includes other references, such as a “We Remember” poster that pays tribute to those that got dusted from the Snap. The missing posters are also rather curious, which reminds me of Kraven’s Last Hunt. The story mainly focused on Kraven and Spidey, but it also included the cannibal villain Vermin. Hopefully, the film doesn’t take this dark angle. The set photos with Peter walking through the streets is also quite curious, as it would imply that the accusations may have gotten lifted at that time. He also seems to be on bad terms with MJ, so it could be him trying to make it up to her. We’ll see if we get some casting in the weeks, as more cast members join the production. It would be good to get some official news amongst all the rumors going around.

Source: Just Jared, Instagram

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