‘Spider-Man: No Way Home’ Breaks Digital Sales Record as it Passes $800M Domestically

spider man no way home digital

Spider-Man: No Way Home continues to be quite the powerhouse at the box office, and now it looks like even in digital sales. While the film is the only one of three to pass the $800M landmark, the film has also broken an industry record in digital sales within its first week. No Way Home has been made available on 88 platforms and has seemingly made more than 2.1M in its first week alone in the US. So, it’s not only still proving it has legs at the box office after releasing back in December, but people have been anxiously awaiting to watch this film at home.

In regards to the box office success, the film has now joined Avengers: Endgame ($858.3M) and Star Wars: The Force Awakens ($936.6M). It’s crazy to think that Sony almost called off their dealings with Marvel Studios before this film was released. The film was already on its way to passing $1.9M worldwide and it’s unclear if they’ll keep the film in theaters so that it can scratch the $2 billion mark as closely as possible. The numbers are quite impressive if you take into account that the pandemic is still an issue and affecting other releases in specific markets. Yet, it seems that Marvel Studios and Sony’s latest isn’t being held back.

They already have more in the pipeline. So, this film’s success may have definitely solidified their partnership moving forward. It’s unclear if the appearance and tease for Doctor Strange in the film may also boost the numbers for their next major tentpole release in May. Morbius is also on the horizon as Sony tries to build a separate franchise but is still struggling. Just recently, the director spoiled most of the film’s major plot points ahead of its release and it’ll be interesting to see if that negatively affects its box office.

Source: Deadline, The Numbers

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