‘Spider-Man: No Way Home’ Concept Artist Shares a Possible Look at Tom Holland in the Venom Suit

spider man no way home venom

Spider-Man: No Way Home is filled to the brim with Easter eggs to the cinematic history of the iconic webhead. Yet, the biggest surprise came in the form of the first post-credit sequence where Tom Hardy‘s Venom makes an appearance before vanishing once again. Well, he doesn’t vanish until a small part of the symbiote remains in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. It opens the door to the arrival of his iconic black suit and luckily concept artist Thomas du Crest, who worked on No Way Home shared a possible first look at their design:

The Venom design looks great on Holland, especially with the iconic logo from the comics. It’s uncertain if they’ll wait some time to build upon that tease, but it’s great how they took the suit’s Secret Wars origin by having it be from another dimension. As du Crest points out he doesn’t have the go on the actual No Way Home concept art, this is probably something he made in his spare time that could become relevant once they tackle that specific storyline later down the line. Still, it’s an exciting possible first look at how the film’s Venom designs would work in the MCU.

Source: Twitter

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