‘Spider-Man: No Way Home’ Could Become Sony’s Most Profitable Release

spider man no way home profitable

Spider-Man: No Way Home‘s success at the box office is quite an exciting prospect. It built upon the nostalgia of the original two franchises that came before it, while also offering an emotional gut-punch of a story that is bound to have people clamoring for more. Well, it seems Sony is in the same seat as Deadline is reporting that its $1 billion global release has already gained around $242M net profit. That’s quite the success within just a few weeks, especially as the film continues to grow moving forward.

It just passed that benchmark and tied with Avengers: Infinity War as the second-fastest to do so. Yet, there are some concerns that the Omicron surge could hamper its future development and take away the legs it would’ve had originally if it was released in a non-pandemic time. Unlike most releases, it’s still a steady release and there’s a good chance Sony will make $610M in profit from this single release. As the film is already on its way to pass Far From Home, which managed to nab $1.13B, the current predictions see it making around $1.75B worldwide.

At this rate, it’s sure to beat out the previous entries, which is always a good sign for an ongoing franchise like Spider-Man and has also been quite competitive in the market, which most newer releases not holding a candle to it in its second weekend. Marvel Studios and Disney did renegotiate their terms for this third entry, which means they’ll get a slice of the pie as well. This also solidifies that their continued partnership might be in the best interest of everyone involved, which hopefully ensures a bright future as work is already underway for the fourth entry.

Source: Deadline

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