‘Spider-Man: No Way Home’ Swings to $1 Billion Worldwide

spider man no way home billion

It has finally come, just as we discussed it yesterday, Spider-Man: No Way Home has officially joined the $1 billion club. With $467.3M domestically and $587.1M internationally, the film stands at a strong $1.05B over the Christmas weekend. While it did face a harsh drop, we’re in a very different situation given the effect the holidays have every year and it ties with Avengers: Infinity War for the spot of second-fastest to pass that milestone.

This milestone is quite impressive, as it goes against all odds given the omicron variant on the horizon. It’s also the first film to manage this in around two years, which hasn’t been kind to many films’ success at the box office when compared to the usual releases. Its drop can also be attributed to the fact it faced not one, but three new releases this weekend. At this point it has doubled Shang-Chi‘s already fantastic $224M.

Spider-Man wasn’t the only one to web up quite a bit this weekend, as Sing 2 managed to take the second spot at the domestic box office with $23.7M while The Matrix Resurrections landed in third with a mellow $14M. To be fair, the latter is also available on HBO Max, which may have become the main way of watching it for some audiences. Plus, the sequel to the 2016 animated film targeted parents with younger kids, who are the current audience group most uncertain about returning to theaters. Sadly, The King’s Man was struggling with a $10M opening, which only barely beat out American Underdog.

Source: Twitter, Variety

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