Star Wars is a No-Show at This Year’s CinemaCon

star wars 2023

Sometimes it’s the thing that isn’t said that is the most telling, as it seems that Lucasfilm and Star Wars were a no-show at this year’s CinemaCon conference held by Disney. While Marvel Studios got its own segment to show off some footage of their upcoming films and talk about plans for the next ten years, Star Wars was not even referenced. @GermainLussier shared that they did have a slate line-up that only went into early 2023. As the next film release is Rogue Squadron in late 2023, it’s still bizarre they wouldn’t offer an update or tease what the future has in store for

While they have no immediate plans and it seems most of CinemaCon is focused primarily on 2022 as well as the beginning of 2023, you’d think they want to highlight one of their biggest IPs. Marvel Studios, Pixar, and 20th Century took the stage for a bit, but that was it. There’s been some concern about Star Wars‘ future as a film franchise, especially on how quiet Lucasfilm has been since 2019’s Investor’s Day.

For now, it seems like we shouldn’t expect too much on the film side even going into this year’s Star Wars Celebration ceremony. It seemed like the perfect point to tease that something is brewing, but they may have also purposefully not mentioned anything to build-up to the suspense once something drops, especially as they already accidentally leaked the reveal of The Tales of the Jedi‘s animated series.

Source: Twitter

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