Star Wars Reveals Hidden Easter Eggs in ‘Andor’

Luthen Rael’s Galactic Antiquities and Objects of Interest was a key location in the first season of Andor, serving as a front for Rael’s work with the Rebellion. Though its true purpose was to serve as a meeting place for fellow Rebels like Mon Mothma, Rael was all about keeping up appearances and had some incredible and rare pieces in his gallery. During the season, fans believed they peeped quite a few interesting artifacts in Rael’s collection and now the official Star Wars Twitter account has unveiled some of the goodies stashed away in the store!

Lord Starkiller’s Helmet

One of two pieces in Rael’s shop that aren’t from a canon project, this appears to be similar to the helmet worn by Sith assassin Galen Marek, the secret apprentice of Darth Vader! Marek wore the helmet as the Sith known as Lord Starkiller in the video game The Force Unleashed.

Gungan Shield

A Gungan energy shield as seen in The Phantom Menace! Given Rael’s shop is on Coruscant, maybe this one belonged to Senator and Sith Lord Jar Jar Binks!

Beskar Armor

This beauty might get Rael in some trouble someday unless he bought it and had proof of purchase. Mandalorians aren’t big on being separated from their Beskar armor; hopefully nobody comes looking for it and makes a mess of the shop!

Padme’s Headpiece

Whether or not the elaborate headpiece actually once belonged to Padme Amidala isn’t revealed, but given its similarity to the ornate pieces she wore and the fact that Rael has it in his collection, it’s a fair conclusion. Afterall, Rael isn’t in the business of having the used headgear of some normie cluttering up his gallery.

Jedi Temple Guard Mask

The unmistakable and ornate facemask of a guard of the Jedi Temple rests among Rael’s collection. Given that Andor takes place about 15 years after Order 66 was issued and the Jedi Temple was raided, the mask would probably be a rare piece!


Holocrons first appeared in The Clone Wars animated series and have since become a staple in canon literature such as novels and comic books. Used to store knowledge and accessible only by Force users, both the Jedi and Sith were fond of holocrons. Rael must be a bit of a completist because he has one of each.

Sankara Stones

The central MacGuffin of Indiana Jones and The Temple of Doom, the stones were gifted to Sankara from Shiva, the Hindu god of destruction and one of three principal deities of the religion. Used to battle evil, the five stones had some pretty interesting powers and two of them were left in the mine that was a central location to the plot of the film…it’s all connected! Nope, it’s just an Easter egg.

Head over to Star Wars official site for more Easter eggs from the shop!

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