‘STARGIRL’ Renewed, Moved to CW for Season 2

Before it has even finished its first full season run, Stargirl has received a season 2 renewal and will be moving exclusively to The CW for its sophomore season. For the past eight episodes, the show has premiered a day early on the DC Universe streaming service and debuted on the CW the next. The solid and steady ratings the show has amassed was likely a leading factor in it being moved to The CW. Season one of Stargirl will reportedly make its way to HBO Max once this season finishes its current run.

This news leads to a couple of concerns: will it suffer the CW curse and what’s happening over at DC Universe?

Most CW shows receive 20+ episode seasons, leading to story-lines being dragged out and to filler episodes that don’t benefit the dynamic of the story in any way, shape, or form. The best-case scenario to avoid a situation like this would be to give the show at a mid-season premiere and offer an episode count similar to its first season. This would make it easier for the show to keep its budget compared to what it was when it was originally produced for DC Universe: quality over quantity.

Since the announcement that Doom Patrol season 2 would run on both HBO Max and DC universe, many have wondered what fate the¬† DC Universe service would suffer. Since then, an exodus of its original content has become a monthly occurrence. Along with Doom Patrol, it seems as if Harley Quinn’s first two seasons will make their way to HBO Max as well. Where does this put Titans and Young Justice? The best course of action would be to leave DC Universe as a virtual comic library and move these shows to HBO Max, giving their DC library a much bigger boost and more original content for the service to offer while also giving these shows a much larger audience to appeal too.


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