‘Supergirl’ Rumored to Cancelled by DC Films

In what comes as a continuation of DC Film’s slate being upended in massive turnaround from Warner Bros Discovery, it has now been rumored studio will stop development on their Supergirl film. According to a report from Rolling Stone, insider sources have told the publication that the Sasha Calle-led project is unlikely to be moving forward at the studio.

Sasha Calle is currently scheduled to appear as the character in The Flash, which is currently slated for a June 2023 release. That appearance was intended to serve as the launching point for the solo Supergirl film. The Flash is not without its problems as its star, Ezra Miller, has already been a major point of controversy on a number of different levels already. Miller has been embroiled in various arrests due to their erratic behavior, forcing Warner Bros Discovery to deal with the important decision in relation to whether or not the studio will have to pull the plug on this project. The Flash is still scheduled for its 2023 release, but Miller is seemingly no longer involved with future DC related projects. The whole ordeal has especially been difficult as the film is slated to be a critical lynchpin for the future of DC’s cinematic plans.

If Supergirl is indeed canceled, it will be in line with the array of projects getting nixed from the major comic book company’s film division. Notably, Batgirl was scrapped despite it being in the post-production process and $78 million already being spent on it. Wonder Twins, a project slated for HBO Max, was also canceled by the new Warner Bros Discovery regime earlier this year. And at the pace in which David Zaslav has been clearing house in terms of previously announced projects in development, it wouldn’t be far-fetched to think more potential films will meet an untimely end before they move any further.

Source: Rolling Stone

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