SWCA: Extended ‘The Mandalorian’ Season 3 Footage Teases Mandalore

mandalorian season 3 footage

Our very own Hunter Radesi has been busy covering the Star Wars Celebration, as he attended various panels and got to experience what it had to offer. He also got the chance to attend the Mando+ panel all about The Mandalorian and its various spinoffs. Not only did they show off the first footage for Ahsoka, but they even added an extended look at the upcoming third season.

Hunter shared with us an update on what was added to the trailer that they showed off during the main event, such as quick shots of The Armorer, Bo-Katan, and other Mandalorians. They also showed off some monkey lizards even a look at Boba Frik. Of course, it included a good look at Grogu being adorable with the final shot being the highlight, a ship emerging from the clouds with a destroyed Mandalore beneath it.

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