SWCA: First ‘Ahsoka’ Footage Teases Ezra Bridger and ‘Rebels’ Connection

ahsoka footage

A first look at the upcoming The Mandalorian series, Ahsoka, has been shown off during the Mando+ panel at Star Wars Celebration. Our very own Hunter Radesi has been sharing details from the panel such as the first footage for the upcoming series. It is currently still in production for the last three weeks, and they’ve managed to put together a teaser for the attending fans.

According to Hunter, they showed off Hera, but we don’t see her face. She’s with some rebels and a droid. Then we get to see Ahsoka wandering through some old ruins, where she takes off her hood. Then we get a mural featuring the Rebels cast before it ends with a tease of Ezra Bridger. Sadly, they haven’t revealed who is playing and it’s simply giving us a strong focus on him as part of the mural before the actor walked in with the back of his head showing but no clear view of who is playing him.

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