Sydney Sweeney Further Hints at Marvel Studios’ Involvement With ‘Madame Web’

marvel studios madame web

It looks like history is set to repeat, as right after Sydney Sweeney was cast in a co-starring role for Sony’s upcoming Madame Web film, she took to Instagram to share her casting. The thing that stands out is the fact that she not only tagged Sony and Dakota Johnson in the picture but also Marvel Studios. In a way, it seemingly might build up a connection that they are involved with the project.

The curious aspect is that Johnson did the exact same shortly after her casting. With their involvement with the latest Spider-Man trilogy and hints that Olivia Wilde‘s upcoming adaptation of Spider-Woman may also be set in the MCU, the tag does add some potential to them taking on a more active role in Sony’s expanded universe moving forward.

Their involvement and Web’s potential multiversal connection could be a hint at how they can further expand this franchise without any continuity issues. The question is also who Sweeney might be playing, especially if she is co-starring alongside Dakota as Web. She’s been quite popular for a variety of Spider-Man characters, most notably Gwen Stacy and Black Cat. We’ll see if we get a clearer picture in the near future.

Source: Instagram

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