‘The Batman’ Has Passed $500M Worldwide as it Heads Into a Weak Chinese Opening

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It looks like The Batman is passing milestone after milestone, as it has now finally passed the $500M mark. After pulling in another $5.75M on Wednesday, the film stands at an impressive $258.2M domestically. In addition to $247.5M from the global box office, the film now has earned a total of $505.8M. It has now passed Venom: Let There Be Carnage‘s $501M but is trailing behind F9 and No Time To Die, who both benefitted from a Chinese release. Box office in China has been rather subpar sadly, which is making its chances at $1 billion now a bit more unsure, as predictions have it at $10M to $15M from its initial projected $30M due to a rise of COVID cases and closing cinemas.

Forbes has added a fun aspect about the film’s box office success, as it is now the highest-grossing film featuring a serial killer with Paul Dano‘s Riddler. The comic book genre has become an odd gateway for casual viewers to watch films they’d otherwise avoid due to its genre-specific nature or even more adult-skewed rating. In a way, they have replaced the old genre films at this point, which isn’t an uncommon thing that happens throughout cinema’s life-cycle. For some time, romantic comedies were all the rage before vanishing into thin air.

The comic book genre has the advantage that it absorbs any time of storytelling, making it the perfect Frankenstein genre to reach wider audiences with stories that are new to them, even if it still remains at this dismay to those believing it is “killing cinema.” Ironically, it is not only keeping the business as stable as possible in very uncertain times but also introduces audiences to new aspects of films they’d otherwise not even blink an eye towards.

Source: Forbes, ScreenRant, THR

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