‘THE BOOK OF BOBA FETT’s Robert Rodriguez Hypes Up Action with ‘THE MANDALORIAN’ Comparison

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After two strong seasons, The Mandalorian is taking a backseat for its first spin-off, The Book of Boba Fett. After his grand return, Temuera Morrison‘s Boba Fett takes centerstage in the upcoming Disney+ series with the help of director Robert Rodriguez. Earlier this month we heard rumors that the series will follow the bounty hunter exploits righting the wrongs that happened to him in the earlier films. Outside of this rumor, it has been rather quiet as we still await the show’s official release date in December. Luckily, Rodriguez offered a small tease in an interview with The Nerdy Basement.

I’ve got so much to tell you about that, but I’m out of time. Yeah, I can’t say anything about that, sworn to silence. I can say I’m working on it and I can tell you it’s gonna blow your mind. You saw him arrive in my episode of The Mandalorian, that was nothing. That was nothing. I can talk it up all I want because I know it’s gonna deliver, I know it’s gonna over-deliver.

Robert Rodriguez

It’s certainly promising as the action sequence was one of the second season’s highlights. Boba Fett is a curious character, as he hasn’t done much within the cinematic aspect of the universe. Still, he became an instant fan-favorite and lived on through novelizations that seemed to inspire his return in the Disney+ series. So, the moment he took on an entire Stormtrooper platoon with ease and showcased his varied arsenal. It stuck out to many viewers of the series and Rodriguez certainly is hyping up what else the bounty hunter might have in store in the upcoming spinoff.

Source: YouTube via ComicBook

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