‘THE BOYS’ Season 3 Set To Begin Filming in Toronto

It looks like COVID-19 can’t keep The Boys from waging war against all those incredibly problematic supes. Series creator Eric Kripke and the man behind fan-favorite protagonist Billy Butcher, Karl Urban, have both recently confirmed they’re en route to Toronto to film the third season of Amazon Prime’s hit show. While production hasn’t publicly been given an official start date, it’s now safe to say that filming will begin much sooner than later, presumably after the cast and crew complete the required 14 days of post-travel quarantine.

News of the impending shoot first came about in mid-January, when Antony Starr, who plays the terrifying villain Homelander, told Comicbook that the series would resume production “in a month or so”. This was seemingly confirmed by Urban yesterday, when he posted a masked-up selfie to Instagram announcing his departure from COVID-free New Zealand in order to film The Boys in a safe, quarantined space in Toronto. His reveal was subsequently backed up by Kripke, who also posted a masked selfie with a caption stating he was smiling on his way to film Season 3.

*Spoilers for The Boys*

Now that we know the series’ third go-around is on track to release without delay, the real question becomes focused on the plot. When last we saw our fowl-mouthed heroes, Billy was dealing with the accidental death of his wife Becca at the hands of her super powered son, and Hughie (played to perfection by Jack Quaid) left the crew to join forces with anti-super politician Victoria Neuman, though her intentions were dramatically revealed to be less-than-heroic in nature.

While we haven’t gotten much in the way of information on how these threads will continue, we do know that the season will introduce fans to a new character, the WWII-era supe (inspired by Captain America) Soldier Boy, set to be portrayed by Kripke alum Jensen Ackles. Not surprisingly, the comic version of the character isn’t the kindest metahuman in the bunch, and much like the now-stumpy Stormfront before him, his origins are a little suspect. This will more than likely be explored in the live-action adaptation as well, but the character’s sometimes-romantic relationship with Homelander himself is perhaps more up for debate, though the show has not shied away from this sort of thing before. In fact, it’s also been confirmed by Kripke that the new season will include an episode based around the Herogasm story from the comics, in which all the Vought-sponsored supes meet on a remote island, and well, do what adult superheroes do. Hopefully, the season manages to strip the characters down in more ways than one and we learn enough to keep the story going into Kripke’s planned fourth season.

Source: Instagram

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