‘The Boys’ Spinoff Adds Patrick Schwarzenegger, Sean Patrick Thomas, and Marco Pigossi

the boys spinoff cast

The Boys has been a smash hit on Amazon Prime, but it’s still been struggling to get its first live-action spinoff to get going. Diabolical, an animated anthology series, did manage to release but their college-focused series has been facing some challenges. Still, it seems that new showrunners Michele Fazekas and Tara Butters are kicking the project into overdrive as they’ve added three new cast members.

The spinoff series will focus on a college setting run by the usually corrupted Vought Enterprise. It has now added The Staricase‘s Patrick Schwarzenegger, who will play a character known as Golden Boy. The Tragedy of MacBeth‘s Sean Patrick Thomas joined as Polarity alongside Invisible City‘s Marco Pigossi, who will be Dr. Cardosa.

The series is promised as a college show mixed with Hunger Games, which makes sense given the raunchy nature of the show it’s spinning out from. The cast has gone through some changes, as rewrites led to some of the characters getting a completely new focus. It’s not uncommon for some productions to go through it, but it seems that the show is finally on track if they’re adding to the cast. We’ll see just how they keep the tone of the original while adding the hormonal nightmare that is college-aged youth to the mix.

Source: Deadline

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