‘The Falcon and The Winter Soldier’ Episode 3 Primer

We all really liked the latest episode of The Falcon and The Winter Soldier. Sam and Bucky obviously are hurting after seeing John Walker become the new Captain America; they definitely don’t like the fact that he is taking over Steve’s job. Things get crazy when Sam and Bucky follow the Flag-Smashers and have an awesome fight scene! Sooner rather than later, Captain America and Battlestar show up and we realize that the government is tracking Sam through Redwing. Later on, Bucky takes Sam to meet Isaiah. This makes things a whole lot more interesting because it seems like the Flag-Smashers might only exist as a result of running tests on Isaiah whilst he was in jail. On another note, Sam and Bucky refuse to work with Walker building tension between them. As the episode ends, we learn Bucky and Sam are on their way to talk with Zemo to figure out if Hydra has anything to do with the serum getting out.

Them going to see Zemo is VERY dangerous because Zemo is the one who brainwashed Bucky and reactivated The Winter Soldier. Bucky’s mind is supposedly better and with the trigger words from Captain America: Civil War being cleared from his mind, Zemo shouldn’t seem like a threat. However, if the comics are any indication of what could happen in the show, there is one word that could cause some real commotion: Sputnik. Zemo is ALWAYS full of surprises. Additionally, Walker obviously got his butt kicked by the Flag-Smashers, could he possibly try to even out the playing field by trying to get his hands on the serum?

Arlyn’s Assumptions

We have no idea how Zemo gets out of jail and goes to Madripoor with Bucky and Sam or why they go to Madripoor. They have to run into somebody there and my best guess would be Sharon Carter. Look at the facts, she hasn’t been in the show yet but has been in most of the marketing for it. She has to come on the show at some point in time. In the comics, Madripoor is a CRAZY place. My guess would be that Hydra is secretly alive and well in Madripoor.

The next episode of The Falcon and The Winter Soldier streams tomorrow!

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