‘The Flash’ Adds Jordan Fisher as Bart Allen

the flash jordan fisher

It looks like CW’s The Flash has added one more speedster. According to Variety, Jordan Fisher has joined the cast as Bart Allen. Comic fans might recognize him as the superhero Impulse. As his name implies, he is Barry and Iris’ son from the future. He is described as “wildly impulsive,” which makes it difficult for Barry and Iris to keep him in check. He’ll make his debut in the series 150th episode during its seventh season. He will be a recurring guest star. So, we can expect a lot more from the actor throughout the later half of The Flash.

Fisher has quite the resume as an actor, musician, and dancer. He has appeared in films, television, and on Broadway. He has appeared in Hamilton, Teen Wolf, and voiced She-Ra and the Princess of Power. So, he is quite a talented get for the long-running show and it will be interesting to see how the addition of Bart Allen might change the overall dynamic.

It will be the second child of the Allen’s to be introduced in the show, as we also were introduced to Nora West-Allen from an alternate future. Her fate was left ambiguous. So, it’ll be interesting to see how they explore the dynamic. She is still remembered by the team, as hinted at in the new timeline. Perhaps Bart gets a little sister at some point in this new part of the multiverse. The show has played around a lot with timetravel. It adds an interesting wild factor to whatever the writers have planned in the future.

Source: Variety

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