The Hypothetical 2024 Marvel Studios Release Calendar, V2

Tentatively set to go into production next Spring, Deadpool 3 could kick off Marvel Studios’ theatrical slate in 2024.

Originally the WandaVision spinoff looked like it might be ready in time for a late-2023 release, maybe even as early as Halloween. But production delays on other projects seem to have shoved the start of production on Agatha: House of Harkness to the first quarter of 2023, making it likely we won’t see the Kathryn Hahn-led streamer until 2024.

With director Jake Schreier on board and a script by Black Widow scribe Eric Pearson ready to go, Thunderbolts is expected to go into production next summer, making it a very likely candidate for the May release. While details on the project are currently non-existent, Julia Louis-Dreyfus‘ Val will have her team complete by then so expect to see Florence Pugh and Wyatt Russell back.

Even though Marvel Studios is still pretending that Charlie Cox isn’t going to be in She-Hulk, trade reports did confirm that he will show up in Echo and that a solo Daredevil project will follow. It was only a matter of time before the Man Without Fear got his own Marvel Studios streaming series and it looks like he’ll be joined by another one of Netflix’s Defenders, with Krysten Ritter rumored to be on board as well. Expect the events of Echo to dovetail right into this series, allowing Marvel Studios to start building out that corner of the MCU.

Unfortunately, there are very few surprises left about Black Panther: Wakanda Forever. One of them, however, is how the events of the film will lead to this spinoff series…and we’re happy to keep it that way. Ryan Coogler has created an expansive world within the MCU and Midnight Angels is just one example of that. Reports indicate it’ll go into production next summer, so a Summer 2024 debut on D+ sounds right.

After a bit of wheel-spinning, a director was found for this project in Julius Onah. Onah is working with the writing crew of Malcolm Spellman and Dalan Musson, who will continue their work on Sam Wilson’s story as Cap that began in The Falcon and The Winter Soldier, so the continuity should be fantastic. Maybe fans will get a subtitle for this film soon and get some idea of what direction Captain America will be headed in.

The most pleasant surprise on this list, the Wonder Man streaming series, co-created by Shang-Chi director Destin Daniel Cretton and Andrew Guest, who will also serve as the series’ head writer, should go into production next year, giving it as good of an opportunity as any other series to make the 2024 slate. All eyes will be on who Marvel Studios casts as Simon Williams, with a potential announcement coming at SDCC or D23.

With Jon Watts now off the project, Marvel Studios is working hard to find a director for their Fantastic Four. Word is that they have been chasing some big names, though several reports have surfaced that indicate Steven Spielberg, arguably the biggest name on their list, won’t be the man behind the camera. Spielberg or no Spielberg, Marvel Studios hopes to have a director on board before long so they can get this one into production in the Fall of 2023, allowing it to make the November 8th date.

Marvel Studios has several animated projects at different points of production and any one of them could fill this end-of-the-year spot. Of them all, it seems like Spider-Man: Freshman Year should be the furthest along and would fit nicely in 2024 since fans would otherwise be looking at a potential 4-year gap between MCU Spidey projects. A canonical animated series that’ll give fans a little more of Peter’s MCU origin seems like a great way to wrap up a PACKED 2024.

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