‘The Last Guardian’ Composer Confirms Involvement with Netflix’s ‘Avatar: The Last Airbender’

avatar last airbender live action

It was first rumored by Knight Edge Media just yesterday that the upcoming live-action Netflix series Avatar: The Last Airbender may have alredy found its composer in the talented Takeshi Furukawa. Now, it seems that he has officially confirmed it himself by taking to his personal Twitter account to share that he is working on the series.

Not just that, he also highlights that he is honored to “receive stewardship of the incredible themes from the original series.” As such, it seems safe to assume that we’ll very likely see a soundtrack for this new adaptation that takes a lot of inspiration from the original. Something that is surprisingly rare for most live-action adaptations given just how unique they try to make it completely their own. Though, it seems they may also re-use the original as well.

It’s a good start for the drought that we’re having with one of Netflix’s biggest adaptations. They’re putting a lot of money into bringing those series to life but seemingly have not promoted any of it if they are still hoping for a 2023 release. While they’ve rushed out high-budget projects with a three-month announcement window like Cowboy Bebop, it does seem odd they aren’t pushing it harder.

The series started producing quite a bit of time before One Piece did, but they already gave us a key visual for that adaptation to kick off the year. So, we don’t know what exactly Netflix’s plan is for its major releases this year and when exactly we can expect both series to find their way to the service without competing with each other. Maybe this will finally kickstart more announcements.

Source: Knight Edge Media, Twitter

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