Wolverine Voice Actor Offers Update on ‘X-Men ’97’ Season 2

xmen 97 season 2

Marvel Studios has started many different projects since COVID hit, and it has disrupted their usual release schedules. As we’re entering an era where less will release,e we still have no word on what exactly will happen to the various animated projects moving forward like X-Men ’97.

During San Diego Comic-Con, Marvel Studios pretty much renewed most of their animated projects for a second season. That was, however, followed by rumors that they may not be moving forward with them until seeing if their projects even managed to pull in an audience, which is not conducive for any animated project.

Luckily, it seems that at least X-Men ’97 is moving forward even though we still have no update on the first season release. To showcase that it is moving forward, Wolverine voice actor Cal Dodd has taken to his Twitter account to share a little update on what’s been happening with the iconic voice and even sporting some familiar claws.

If they are already starting on the second season, Marvel Studios seems quite impressed with the work their team has brought to life. We still are waiting for some kind of trailer or release date but animation takes quite a bit of time to bring to life. So, they might still take some time and are recording in advance while they continue work on the production. These projects are being treated separately from the mainline Marvel Cinematic Universe and as such aren’t going to be as affected by the restructuring.

Source: Twitter

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