‘THE MANDALORIAN’ Chapter 13 Could Introduce a Surprise Character Alongside Ahsoka

In less than a day Chapter 13 of The Mandalorian will become available, and we will finally get our first look at Ahsoka Tano‘s live-action introduction to the Star Wars universe. Her appearance is welcomed by fans not only because many fell in love with the character through her The Clone Wars years, but also due to her connections to several other characters that also haven’t yet debuted in a live-action Star Wars project. This could then mean that there could be more than one character being introduced on tomorrow’s episode or that there could be at least some type of reference to some familiar name, just as Bo-Katan referenced Ahsoka herself in Chapter 11.

The latter is probably the more likely since we’ve come to notice that even though we’ve been introduced to a number of new characters this season, each had it’s own episode to itself, not allowing for any sort of overshadowing to occur.

So being, here is a list of characters that might get referenced in Chapter 13 “The Jedi.


Captain Rex and Ahsoka first met when Anakin Skywalker was both Rex’s General and the then young Togruta’s Jedi Master during The Clone Wars. Throughout the conflict, Ahsoka and Rex grew closer, developing a friendship based on the respect shared between the two. When Emperor Palpatine issued Order 66, killing most of the Jedi, it was Rex that helped Ahsoka escape when her troops turned on her. A few years later they would meet again, before the events of A New Hope, as they both fought beside the Spectres in Star Wars Rebels in the events leading to the Battle of Yavin where the first Death Star was destroyed. Rex would then continue to fight with the Rebel Alliance up until the climactic Battle of Endor, which saw the (first) death of Emperor Palpatine. We know that sometime after the Empire was defeated, Ahsoka went looking for her friend, Ezra Bridger, that had disappeared while fighting Grand Admiral Thrawn a few years earlier. It isn’t clear if this was before or after the events of The Mandalorian (something Chapter 13 could shed a little light on), but either way, it would be fair to think that Rex could still be in contact with the former Jedi.

Sabine Wren

From the events at the end of Star Wars Rebels we know that both Sabine and Ahsoka remained in touch with each other after their adventures throughout the series. We also know for sure that Sabine joined Ahsoka on her search for Ezra. If The Mandalorian is indeed set after the beginning of their journey, and if Ezra is still missing, it would make sense that Sabine would still be with Ahsoka as both kept looking for clues as to where to find their missing friend. The other possibility is that Ahsoka has yet to reach out to Sabine, and the female Mandalorian is not with her but given Din Djarin’s armor Ahsoka could direct him to her, as she is both a Mandalorian and has her own connections to the Jedi. And the Darksaber for that matter.


When Ahsoka left to find Ezra, one of the paths to finding her friend would be to look for the other person that disappeared alongside him. Grand Admiral Thrawn. As we’ve seen in past episodes of The Mandalorian, the Empire is still not vanquished, and there might still be a number of officers left alive that might have played a part in trying to retrieve the missing Grand Admiral, at the request of the Emperor. If they managed to succeed, looking for Thrawn could bring Ahsoka one step closer to find Ezra. If Thrawn was still missing, all the clues gathered by the Empire could prove invaluable in reaching the missing Jedi.

Ezra Bridger

I sincerely doubt we’d find Ezra standing beside Ahsoka in this or any other The Mandalorian episode. Her journey to find her missing friend deserves it’s own series, be it an animated or live-action one. But there is no reason for Ahsoka not to mention the Jedi, as her life would have been somewhat dedicated to finding him after the promise she made. Although, if the events of The Mandalorian are set, not only after Ahsoka and Sabine left to retrieve their friend, but also after they find him, we shouldn’t expect any reference at all since that would be spoiling what is sure to be a great series, when Lucasfilm finally decides to tell the story of The Search for Ezra Bridger.

Luke Skywalker

The Mandalorian is set 9 years after the Battle of Yavin (ABY). We know that Luke’s Jedi academy (the one we saw burning in The Last Jedi) was already open in 15 ABY (when Ben Solo started his training), although it’s not clear when it started operating. But given that five years had passed since the Empire was defeated in the Battle of Endor, it would be fair to think that Luke was already at least welcoming the idea of opening a school to continue the Jedi legacy. Ahsoka is sure to know of the existence of Luke, her former Master’s son, and by being focused on the search for Ezra might ask Din Djarin to deliver The Child to him, so his training could continue/begin.

Cal Kestis

This one is a bit of a stretch. But The Mandalorian has, so far, already introduced a number of characters to the live-action Star Wars universe. We’ve got Cobb Vanth (a character from a novel), Bo-Katan and Ahsoka (from the cartoons), Boba Fett (from the Original Trilogy) as well as Snoke (Sequel Trilogy) and midi-chlorian references (Prequel Trilogy). One thing that could be in the cards is a reference to Cal Kestis, a character introduced in the 2019 videogame Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order. There we followed Cal as he fought the forces of the Empire a mere five years after the events of Revenge of the Sith. By the time of the events of The Mandalorian Cal would still be in his forties, making him a valuable ally in whatever journey a fellow Jedi (or former Jedi) would find herself in.

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