‘THE MANDALORIAN’ Chapter 16 Primer

In the latest episode of The Mandalorian, Chapter 15 “The Believer”, Mando and Miggs traveled to an old Imperial Base where a few big things happened. We see that Miggs is pretty messed up from his days in the Empire-he definitely has PTSD. He obviously doesn’t want to see the Empire rise again. The Empire is very much alive and well, even though they were defeated in Return of the Jedi. They are still a danger to the galaxy and Gideon is, right now, the biggest threat. It just so happens he is also a more personal threat to Din Djarin because he has taken Grogu. Mando took off his helmet, implying that Grogu is more important to him than The Way.

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This next episode is the season finale, so big things are going to happen but…they are doing a third season!! Also, the newly announced Ashoka and Rangers of the New Republic shows tie into this Mandalorian story, so not everything will be resolved. At this point in time it looks like they have 4 big things set up:

  1. Din Djarin’s quest for Grogu
  2. Bo-Katan’s quest for Grogu
  3. Ahsoka’s quest for Thrawn and her friend Ezra
  4. The idea that remnants of the Empire are everywhere

The last two in the list look like they will be handled in their own shows, the first one is the main focus, but it’s possible that Bo-Katan’s quest could overlap with Din’s quest in the final episode.


Arlyn’s Assumptions

In this last episode, I believe that they will get Grogu back but then they will have to deal with Moff Gideon on their way out. The fight would probably be between Mando and Gideon. Mando has the Beskar spear and it can’t be cut by lightsabers, right? Well maybe because the Darksaber is different than other lightsabers it can cut through the spear. I’m thinking Mando and Gideon will have an actual all-out fight. It seems like a fight between those two should be pretty one-sided for Mando but the build-up to it, which has taken 2 full seasons, has been pretty major. So I think there’s a little extra spice that Gideon will bring to the fight.

Additionally, it’s possible that Grogu already chose his path before the Dark Troopers got him; there is no way to tell but, maybe a Jedi will sense him, like Ashoka said, and they will go to the base and try and get Grogu too. It’s a stretch but it’s possible. I don’t think anyone will die in the final episode because Boba Fett is brand new in the show. Cara Dune is in the new show Rangers of The New Republic so she probably won’t die. They are making another season of The Mandalorian so Mando can’t die. Ahhhhhh!!!! It seems like someone should die, but I don’t know who it’ll be!

The final episode of The Mandalorian streams tomorrow.

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