The Morning After Huddle: August 2, 2022

We break down the biggest NFL News from Monday in our latest Morning After Huddle

Morning, teammates! It was definitely a manic Monday as Judge Sue Robinson released her recommendations for the suspension of one Derrick Deshaun Watson.

Here’s what you need to know:

  • Though clearly disturbed by the evidence presented to her, six games is what Judge Robinson ruled in response to Deshaun Watson’s violations of the NFL’s personal conduct policy. Her ruling hinges largely on the fact that the current PCP does not give credence to her to rule beyond her recommendations. Watson and his camp are not expected to appeal and are standing by the decision. The Browns released a statement relaying much of the same info. The assumption is that the NFL will likely appeal. (I have thoughts, but for the sake of today and the pending appeal, I’m going to hold my thoughts – if you’re even remotely curious about how I might respond, you can read my previous piece: Deshaun Watson: What It All Means)
  • Keeping with quarterback news, Joe Burrow returned to Training Camp today after being out for an emergency appendectomy. Hopping over to Arizona, Kyler Murray has tested positive for Covid 19 and will be out for at least 5 days. That’s quite the week for Kyler. (At least the Cardinals can feel confident he has plenty of time to study film during his time away. Too soon?)
  • Finally, your Key Signings Roundup:

Thanks for catching up on all things NFL with us. We’re back tomorrow with more things you want to know. 

ICYMI: Monday – August 1, 2022 Edition

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