The Real Deal with Ogun

After sitting on it for months, we recently released an image from the Madripoor set of Marvel Studios Disney Plus streaming series The Falcon and The Winter Soldier that revealed what appeared to be a biker gang logo. Shortly after running the story, we were contacted by Twitter user and Murphy’s Multiverse reader @AmzingShite, who believed he had a match for the face on the jacket; he believed (and in subsequent conversations on Twitter it became clear that a lot of folks share the same opinion) that the face was incredibly similar to a red demon mask worn by one of Wolverine’s oldest acquaintances: Ogun.

First introduced in the 1984 series Kitty Pryde and Wolverine, Ogun is a ninja who once served as friend of Logan’s and mentored him in the Art of the Samurai. During their time together, Ogun revealed to Logan that he had mastered the forbidden art of cheating death. Ogun could copy his psyche and then upload it into the bodies of others where it would slowly begin to erase their personalities and install his, a process he intended to do to Logan before the X-Man departed. Following Logan’s departure, Ogun fought all over the world wearing the red mask seen in the picture above, one that presents a common depiction of demons in Japanese art.

That connection to Logan has people plenty excited as fan-generated rumors were already circulating that Wolverine would pop up on location in Madripoor, but what’s more interesting is the relationship Ogun himself as to the island, specifically to an underground tournament fought there at one point…

Apparently bored killing people on his own merit, Ogun joined the Yakuza as an enforcer. Already shown in Avengers: Endgame, the Yakzua are expected to appear in The Falcon and The Winter Soldier in the episode where the gang visits Madripoor. In that regard, it’s possible that we see Ogun as the head of a Yakuza biker gang, thus explaining the symbol on the jacket.

There is, however, one more interesting possibility that could connect The Falcon and The Winter Soldier not only to someone from Logan’s long history, but also to a long-standing rumor about the plot of Shang-Chi and The Legend of the Ten Rings! During an arc in Wolverine, Vol. 2, Ogun found himself in Madripoor at the time a secret, underground martial arts tournament was being fought. It’s a crazy tale that involves him trying to take over Madripoor by taking over the body of Viper, but it checks enough boxes to at least bring it up here.

Admittedly a blurry picture of a biker jacket is absolutely not enough evidence to suggest that Ogun is showing up and that’s not what I’m suggesting here. It’s likely that this is either just an Easter Egg for Ogun or completely unrelated; however, to me, the images are similar enough that not taking the time to point out the potential connections would be silly given we originally published the picture and had some great followers from our community (including @hradesi14 who gave a nice summary of Ogun’s character) point it out to us.

This is one we’d love to hear about in the comments. Do you think we’ll see Ogun in The Falcon and The Winter Soldier? Are we just a few degrees of separation away from the MCU version of Wolverine? Get a discussion going in Disqus and let us know.

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