‘The Sandman’ Creator Hints It Being No. 1 on Netflix “May Not Be Enough” for Season 2 Renewal

sandman season 2

Netflix is the home of many franchises and there have been quite a few that went on for a surprising amount of time. It seemed as if the company was finally moving away from its two-season death streak but it seems that even getting. multiple seasons are quite the challenge now. Neil Gaiman, the mastermind behind The Sandman comic book series and its Netflix adaptation, has revealed that while the series is in the Top 10 list globally for a third week in a row, it “may not be enough” to secure a second season.

The reveal comes in a tweet by Gaiman when a fan asked for a potential second-season announcement. He also goes on to reveal that the show was quite expensive and that may be one of the reasons the viewership numbers need to continue to grow to truly get that boost for a renewal. We’ve recently seen it with a high-budget production that was Cowboy Bebop that even seemingly had its second season already planned out.

So, if there’s a show you’re excited about then make sure that you are watching it. Netflix has an issue with some stand-out projects potentially diluting their expectations for most projects to achieve. Squid Game managed to pull some massive viewership numbers worldwide but it also raises the expectations for others. Here’s hoping that they might see the potential of a growing viewership for future seasons instead of expecting a Squid Game every time.

Source: Variety

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