Theory Thursday: The Halloween Episode

After last week’s bombshell ending of the episode of WandaVision, all eyes are on this week’s episode, which is perhaps the one fans have been looking forward to the most: The Halloween episode. Ever since fans got their first glimpse at Wanda and Vision wearing the classic comic costumes, fans have been pondering the possibilities of how that episode might play out, since it’s been an episode that’s been teased the most in trailers alongside the 1950’s episode. And now that we know that Wanda and Vision are going to be accompanied not only by their kids; Billy and Tommy, but also the recently revived Pietro Maximoff (portrayed by Evan Peters), one can only wonder what exactly might happen on this episode. And it is exciting. So let’s begin.


The Theme Song

Undoubtedly, the dynamic duo of Kristen Anderson-Lopez and Robert Lopez have not missed with the theme songs of each episode. They’ve nailed the scoring of each era to a tea. There was something very interesting to note about the “nature of the lyrics.” At first, the songs start out as very bright and joyful. But as the episodes progress, you notice that the songs start to take a more sinister tone. For example, in the most recent episode, you have lyrics like “Crossing our fingers, singing a song. We’re making it up as we go along.” At first, their nature seems to be about how Wanda and Vision are inexperienced in being parents, raising a family and they’re making it up as it goes along. That’s the face value of the lyrics. But if we think about it in a deeper sense, it’s possible that they’re trying to send us the message that from here on out, whoever is behind the WestView anomaly (the primary suspect being Wanda) is making up this reality as it goes along. So there is a chance that the next episode might follow suit with this style of lyric. Making a song that can have a double meaning but it’s definitely much more noticeable and blunt than its predecessor.


The lyrics seem to follow the line of addressing what happened in the last episode. For example, Episode 3 is about “We’ve got something cooking”; referencing Wanda’s pregnancy at the end of Episode 2. Episode 5’s theme had to do with the kids and their birth and how they’re making it up as it goes along. So, if Vision has become aware of what Wanda is doing by the end of the last episode, then there is a possibility that the next theme may be about ignoring distractions like what might be outside of WestView’s barriers or anything that might cause Wanda’s reality to break.


Let’s talk about the costumes

We know based on the trailers that Wanda and Vision are going to obtain their classic costume for Halloween. The question still remains about how they actually obtained it. Like, where did the idea for it come from? Is it a “Logan” type of scenario where comics about these characters exist in their universe and they based themselves on that? Could it be tossed aside to a gag like it’s just the first random thing they could find and it just so happens to be their classic costumes? Perhaps there’s an in-universe connection to it, perhaps tied to their personal history.


I’m betting on the idea behind the costumes to have some sort of attachment to their personal history while at the same time representing who they are. Like for example, we know Wanda’s abilities are tied to magic and as the episodes have gone on, she’s been less perceptive and more open about her magic use in public, going as far as to showcase her abilities in front of Agnes. So, maybe she dressed as a witch from Sokovia, explaining the weird choice of a headdress rather than wearing what we know as a traditional witch’s hat. Vision could probably be like an updated version of Illusion, with a cool cape and such. This also begs the question about the kids’ costume choice. Chances are that if Wanda and Vision are wearing traditional versions of their costumes, there’s a possibility Billy and Tommy could wear traditional versions of their own costumes as well. We could maybe even see Pietro donning a classic version of his costume.




In WandaVision, there seem to be 4 main storylines that branch out to the rest of the storylines. We have Wanda, Vision, Agnes, and Monica. So I do this thing called a “map-out.” Essentially, I take the scenes from the trailers as the big puzzle pieces and then try to fill in the blanks with either elements I believe make the most sense based on comics or patterns or ways that can coherently connect one story to another.

Wanda: Wanda’s story is going to keep maintaining the sitcom reality alive. She’ll play out the episode the way she wants to by following the sitcom trope that we’ve seen in previous eras from the other episodes. With this episode being set in the 90s and coincidentally Halloween, I expect Wanda to spend the episode trick or treating with Billy and Tommy, and possibly Pietro might tag along with her so that we may get some sort of exposition as to how he’s back. I however don’t suspect to get anything clear and concrete on who he might be. Given that the kids are growing at an accelerated rate and that we’ve already seen them display powers in the previous episodes, I suspect the twins might start to show their respective powers from the comics, albeit it’ll probably be brief moments, but still a display nonetheless.

Vision: Whenever we see Halloween trailers, we always see Vision on his own, walking around Westview. Given that Vision is a part of the neighborhood security watch from Westview (and basing myself on childhood Halloween experiences in suburbs), this could explain why Vision is on his own during this episode, as he will be looking around the neighborhood to make sure that nothing is amiss since Halloween tends to be a time of mischief in the neighborhoods during sitcoms. It will also give Vision the chance to be doing some investigative work about the WestView anomaly and try to get to the bottom of it all. This will lead him to two places. The barrier of Westview (which I’ll explain later on) and to Agnes in her car.

Agnes: She’s been one of the most theorized characters regarding WandaVision, especially after Episode 4 where S.W.O.R.D. was unable to ID her. Up until last week, she’s served a very “nosy neighbor”/ “side character” trope in the show. But this week might change all of that. We know from the first trailer that Vision will unlock her mind, similar to the way Vision unlocked “Norm”. So, if Agnes is the personality that was created for the sitcom reality, what personality might Vision unearth the moment Agnes is broken free? Based on the trailer, she’ll clearly recognize Vision and ask if he’s an Avenger and if he’s here to help them, them possibly meaning the citizens of Westview. We also know she’ll ask him if she’s dead because he is before laughing maniacally. So, I believe that this episode will reveal Agnes’ true identity, which is possibly Agatha Harkness. Whether or not she is “locked back” like Norm remains to be seen, but I don’t think she’d want to be locked back into Wanda’s spell, so she might leave before Vision has a chance to do so. I definitely see Agnes leading Vision to the barrier as we see in the trailers, which leads me to the final storyline.

Monica: Out of everyone in S.W.O.R.D., the only people who seem willing to help Wanda at this point are the trio of Monica, Darcy, and Jimmy. Everyone else, including Director Hayward, seems to have branded Wanda as the villain and are going in guns blazing to take her down by any means necessary. This contrast in ideals may cause some friction and arguments between them and how to handle this situation. Clearly, Hayward doesn’t seem to care much about trying to help Wanda, given he tried to launch a missile at her and her children in the last episode, so if Monica and the rest do try to find ways to help Wanda, they may just fall onto deaf ears.

There is also the possibility that given that Vision is at the barrier of Westview, he might try to communicate with the people outside of the barrier, giving us our first interactions between Vision and S.W.O.R.D. Thanks to the trailer shot above, we know that Vision may try to penetrate the barrier to see what is outside. I do think it is possible that we may see him go beyond the barrier and see the S.W.O.R.D base outside. What might happen next could quite frankly be anyone’s guess. If he steps out of the barrier, will he look as he normally does in the MCU? Would he be the pale Vision we saw in Episode 4, with the hole in his head? And how might S.W.O.R.D. react? Will they take him away? Will Wanda be able to sense someone left the barrier since she pretty much made the barrier impenetrable in the last episode? Only time will tell when WandaVision airs tomorrow on Disney+.

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