‘Thor: Love and Thunder’ Director Spills the Beans on [SPOILER]s Casting

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The following article will contain spoilers for Thor: Love and Thunder’s post-credit sequences. If you want to avoid spoilers, only continue at your own risk.

Thor: Love and Thunder may have expanded the Marvel Cinematic Universe in smaller but relevant ways. Not only did we meet other god pantheons, but we even got a glimpse on how they act when it comes to those they were meant to protect. After getting tired of their arrogance, thor seemingly kills Russell Crowe’s Zeus. Yet, the post-credit sequence reveals he survived and also introduced us to the MCU’s Hercules.

The biggest surprise comes in the form of him being played by British actor, famous for his work on Ted Lasso, Brett Goldstein. They keep the door open on how exactly he will return but it turns out that his casting was something Marvel Studios CEO Kevin Feige wanted to make happen according to director Taika Waititi.

Kevin really wanted him to do it, and yeah, Brett’s amazing. He’s great.

Taika Waititi

He also goes on to highlight that Hercules’ future in the MCU isn’t truly set in stone outside of what Feige might be planning for the cahracter.

And I don’t know if that’s to do with Thor, or if it’s to do with how that will develop. Because, obviously, Hercules, there’s a character from the books as well. And so, yeah, this will be interesting to see because Kevin, he’s obviously the mastermind of all of these threads and how they’ll tie up and how they meet, mix and match. So I’m curious to find out myself.

Taika Waititi

Goldstein is definitely a great get for Marvel Studios, as he’s hot off of the success of Ted Lasso and likely going to become a bigger name in the near future. It’s unclear if Hercules might get his own series or film leading into a fifth Thor film, or if that might generally be their take. For now, we’ll have to wait and see where the future might lead him to.

Source: Uproxx via The Direct

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