‘Thor: Love and Thunder’s Goats Were Originally Pitched for 2011’s ‘Thor’

thor love and thunder goats

Here’s an interesting reveal by writer Zack Stentz. One of the three writers behind the original 2011 Thor has taken to Twitter to share some thoughts on the new Thor: Love and Thunder trailer. In his tweet, he highlighted that the goats we see in the trailer and across the promotional material were originally pitched as part of the 2011 version of the film. He not only shares about the insanity that Tanngrisnir and Tanngnjostr were pretty much Thor’s travel meal in the original mythology, but also that Kevin Feige and his team were a bit uncertain when they included it in the original pitch.

This reveal says a lot about how much has changed since the Marvel Cinematic Universe just started. Not only did Taika Waititi take the character of Thor in such an outlandish direction that they’re way more open to tackling creative storylines, but the executives also loosened up quite a bit. To be fair, what we also have to keep in mind is that there’s a pre-Captain America: Civil War era where even Feige and his team were supervised by Isaac Perlmutter and his infamous committee.

Once he was able to break free from Perlmutter and fully work with Disney directly. This way Marvel Studios became a separate entity from Marvel TV and Marvel, but also gave him way more freedom. It’s the only reason we actually are seeing more diversity in their projects. Black Widow was a film that only got a release this late in the game due to that era and most projects of Phase 3 were already in some form of production at the time. So, if they continue to see success with wilder ideas, we may also see them continue to try out new things moving forward.

Source: Twitter

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