Thor’s Final Armor in ‘Thor: Love and Thunder’ Could Be Made of Zeus’ Golden Lightning Bolts

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The first trailer has finally dropped for Thor: Love and Thunder. It has included quite a few teases of what we can expect in the next film, which will be the first time a franchise has gotten a fourth entry. While everyone is probably talking about our first look at Mighty Thor, what stood out, even more, is that we got the confirmation that the film includes the Olympians. The gold-loving gods stand out quite a bit in the trailer and considering we got a few leaked designs for Thor’s armor, there’s a potential connection between that design and these newly introduced gods.

In the trailer, we have a brief shot of Thor already wearing a golden-blue armor. It appears early on, but there is actually a second one that was leaked with some of the Hallmark merchandise. In it, we can clearly see Thor wielding even more gold on his armor and even a new helmet. So, it raises the question of how he gets what may be his final armor before facing off against the main threat of the film, Gorr the God Butcher. Especially as there was no sight of it in the trailer.


What also stands out is that Russell Crowe’s Zeus is seemingly wielding lightning made of pure gold. It seems like it is his main weapon of choice and perhaps works similar to Thor’s weapons, as they are used to channel his thunder-based abilities. He is even wearing golden armor as he addresses his people in the trailer and has a statue made of the same material standing proudly at his entrance. So, it’s safe to say that these gods love their gold.

Gorr’s arrival seems imminent and he’ll turn the entire planet into a Greek tragedy. We do briefly see what looks like Korg, Thor, and maybe even Valkyrie visiting to warn them about the threat. After they leave, it may be too late and the gods are butchered. Our heroes quickly return only to see the remnants of the great kingdom they saw before. Some of the survivors may take the weapon of their leader and strengthen Thor’s armor as a way for him to carry on and battle Gorr united by the gods they’ve befriended in their travels.

So, it seems likely that his final armor may be strengthened by Zeus’ weapons that aid him in channeling his abilities even more. Stormbreaker remains his main weapon, but could also get an upgrade. Still, if he is going to face off against someone as powerful as Gorr, he might need to use as much power as he can to take him down. A plate armor strengthened by a fellow god’s golden lightning bolts could be exactly what he needs to even the playing field to take down the biggest threat to deities across the galaxy.

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