Throwback Thursday: That Time Elizabeth Olsen Spoiled ‘WANDAVISION’…in 2015


Over the past several years, Marvel Studios has displayed an increased willingness to allow their start to help shape the creative visions of their characters. For example, Mark Ruffalo has on more than one occasion mentioned that he and Kevin Feige have had discussions around what’s next for the Hulk and Chris Hemsworth has made it clear that it was the willingness of Thor creatives (including Taika Waititi) to allow the star some input on the direction of Thor that has kept him around in the MCU for a fourth solo film. It’s quite possible that Elizabeth Olsen may have planted some seeds in the brain on the One-Above-All as well, seeds that have now come to bear fruit in Marvel Studios Disney Plus streaming series WandaVision.

In 2015, Olsen sat down alongside Aaron Taylor Johnson to talk about Avengers: Age of Ultron with Screen Rant. You can check out the full interview below, but  around the 1:40 mark when asked what she’d like to see Scarlet Witch do next, Olsen had this to say:

My favorite is House of M but that would never happen. If she could have two fake babies and everyone tell her that they don’t really exist and her just go nuts that would be unbelievable but I don’t think they’re going to do that. It might be a little too dark for the Marvel Universe. When she loses her mind it’s my favorite thing in the comics.


That wasn’t the only time Olsen talked about House of M. In fact, she brought the comic arc up again when promoting the DVD release of AoU later that same year. It’s safe to say that the arc has been on Olsen’s mind for some time and while we don’t know just how hard she pushed for Marvel Studios to adapt House of M, it’s clearly in line with how the studio treats its top talent. We know that House of M was one big inspiration for the series even though it can’t be adapted beat for beat. However, Olsen’s focus on Wanda “losing her mind” after learning about the true nature of her children is definitely something that could be adapted and, quite honestly, seems right in line with what we know about the series so far. It also might be an example of the actress spoiling a series that wasn’t even conceived, much less written when she talked about it 6 years ago.

The nature of Wanda’s twins in the comics was pretty confusing and this could be an opportunity for Marvel Studios to streamline it a bit in order to make it easier for general audiences to swallow. Something as simple as Wanda’s kids being created with magic inside the hexagonal hex and being incapable of leaving that reality could REALLY be the last straw for a character who has lost everyone dear to her so far. We can also see from the mid-season trailer that S.W.O.R.D. is going to become more aggressive in their investigation of the hex bubble over the second half of the season, raising another option and an interesting question to ponder: what happens to Billy and Tommy if the bubble pops? Sure Wanda and Monica can survive outside of it because they existed before it did, but will the twins have that same ability? Should any of these ideas be even remotely on the mark, you can see how it’ll set up a MAJOR showdown between an enraged Wanda and S.W.O.R.D., an idea you can read more about here. On more than one occasion, Feige has mentioned how we will see Wanda become the Scarlet Witch during WandaVision and that most likely means we’ll see a major display of her true powers and, quite possibly, a heel turn that sets her on a very different path…perhaps even into conflict with the Sorcerer Supreme himself when she gets done wiping the floor with S.W.O.R.D. One thing is for sure: we are in for a wild ride over the next 5 episodes and beyond.



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