Tom Holland Hopes For Spider-Man to Clash With Wilson Fisk After ‘No Way Home’

spider man wilson fisk

Spider-Man: No Way Home finally releases next week. With numerous villains returning from previous Spider-Man franchises there has been a lot of discussion about future adventures for the webhead. Sony producer Amy Pascal has even suggested there is another trilogy starring Tom Holland in the works. Such a rich comic history means there are lots of suggestions out there about where this Peter Parker could go next. Vincent D’Onofrio recently revealed he’s hoping, if those returning rumors turn out to be true, his Wilson Fisk could go up against Spidey at some point in the future. Holland himself has even had a few similar ideas. 

In an interview with Tom Holland was asked about some of his ideas for a fourth Spider-Man film could be. He mentions thinking it would be fun to do either an anti-hero version or a low-budget “film about Peter Parker that has nothing to do with Spider-Man.” Both of these suggestions seem in the realms of possibility somehow. His suggestions at a villain are also quite interesting:

I think there are some interesting villains, I think Madame Web could be something that is really interesting and we could do it in our own way. I’d really like to come up against Wilson Fisk.

Tom Holland

Sometimes fanciful ideas during the promotion of the previous film are worth taking note of to see whether they remerge as genuine continuations of the story. Spider-Man fighting the Kingpin would certainly be an exciting street-level story for Marvel fans. There are numerous rumors about Netflix Marvel characters joining the Marvel Cinematic Universe and Kevin Feige has teased that. It could be the perfect time for Spidey to reorient himself away from multiversal Avengers level threats back down tackling crime on street level. 


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