‘Top Gun Maverick’ Takes ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’s Spot as Memorial Day Weekend’s Highest Opening Ever

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It looks like word-of-mouth is definitely pushing Tom Cruise‘s Top Gun Maverick to new heights. Not only did its Sunday remain surprisingly strong, but the film is now at an impressive $156M. As such, it’ll now beat Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End to take the crown of Memorial Day weekend’s biggest opening. There is a chance that it could still go higher and potentially reach $160M but either way it has definitely taken the crown this weekend.

The old-school blockbuster has been a revelation for many that were looking for a pause in superhero fare. While one could argue that the way these jet pilots fly isn’t quite human either, Top Gun Maverick definitely connected with audiences over the weekend. For those wondering if this is the end of superhero cinema, it’s more a sign that we’ll see a bigger balance moving forward if studios learn the right lessons from this film’s success.

Tom Cruise is a very unique kind of actor, who has a strong hand over his projects. The film’s success may also bode well for next year’s Mission Impossible film, which smartly released an early trailer alongside this film. The strong success of Everything Everywhere All At Once has also re-established a new position for small and medium-sized projects within the market. A good balance of both crowd-pleasing blockbusters like genre-specific fairs alongside unique offerings for various age groups joined by smaller productions offering creative alternatives could not only revive a full blockbuster post-pandemic but push its development further.

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