McKinley Belcher Arrives on Live-Action ‘One Piece’ Set

one piece set

The live-action One Piece series’ production has been going strong. While we did get a surprising amount of set photos leaked, which is mostly due to just how massive the production is with actual ships being used for the various pirates, we still know very little about the crew and their looks. With only a few more days to go for a first tease during Geeked Week, it seems that McKinley Belcher, who has been cast as Arlong, has officially joined the production.

The actor took to his Instagram account to share a set photo of his chair with his name on it. Sadly, he also isn’t giving us a glimpse at his make-up as the iconic villain from the East Blue, but it’s fun to see the tradition of the chair shot return. It was used by the cast early on when everyone started finding their way to production.

With him officially joining production it means that they are likely filming the iconic Arlong Park currently. Perhaps we get some photos from the cast sharing a look at them hanging out together, which was something we saw early on. We are quite excited to see how they translate the Fishmen to live-action and how close they may stick to his original design. With a budget that could rival a Marvel film, there’s a lot of potentials for this series to establish itself as the platform’s next major release. Perhaps Geeked Week may give us a first look at his design alongside with the Straw Hats in their costume.

Source: Instagram

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