Valkyrie, Namor Joining Jason Aaron’s Avengers Ahead of 2022 MCU Appearances

Jason Aaron’s Avengers’ team will be adding two new members who are set to be seen in a pair of 2022 MCU films.

The current Avengers comic run written by Jason Aaron has been pretty blatant in terms of focusing on characters that are either gaining new relevance in the movie side of things or that are straight-up joining the MCU in the coming months. After devoting arcs to the Celestials (and introducing a new Avengers HQ similar to the one the MCU might get to in a few movies’ time), Ghost Rider, Moon Knight, Echo, Blade, and She-Hulk (all of which are soon to be the focus of their own TV series or movie) we are now getting word that the series is focusing on both Namor and Valkyrie as the duo are joining Marvel’s core Avengers team in 2022.

The current head Valkyrie in the comics is no other than Jane Foster, a former Thor (an arc also written by Aaron and that is a major inspiration for the upcoming Thor: Love and Thunder) that has had a new part to play in the comics for some time now. As for Namor, he’s known for showing up now and then in the series but is now becoming a full-fledged member as he reunites with his long-time nemesis, Black Panther, in what is another interesting comic-to-movie connection.

These are interesting news in what the comics are concerned, but they can also mean something towards the future of the MCU. Ever since Kevin Feige was named Chief Creative Officer for Marvel Comics, Marvel Television, and Marvel Animation in October 2019, in addition to being President of Marvel Studios, you now can sometimes catch glimpses of what some MCU projects might be focusing on down the line by reading up on the latest issues. This was something that had already been going on for a while, but it was with Feige’s formal appointment that it likely became a more reliable reality.

Avengers #53 will be available on February 9, 2022

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