Video Shows Tom Hiddleston, Owen Wilson Reuniting on Set for ‘Loki’ Season 2

Photos from the set of the second season of Loki seemed to indicate a movie theater would play a key role in scenes currently being filmed in London. Now, a behind-the-scenes set video has leaked out that confirms the importance of the theater and shows the series’ dynamic duo back together.

Tom Hiddleston and Owen Wilson are filming a scene together at the theater and given the black suit and tie and fanfare seen in other set videos, it seems that Loki and Mobius are attending a movie premiere. The two came formed quite a bond in Season 1, but as the season ended and Loki made his way back to TVA headquarters, it was heartbreakingly revealed that the Mobius from an apparently new timeline had no knowledge of who Loki was or of the other Mobius’ friendship. Having to start over again leaves all kinds of room for interesting stories to develop and it looks like while the two are working together here, Loki’s hands may actually be restrained. We’ll have to wait for a better look to determine exactly what’s happening, but it’s great to see the two stars back together!

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