Leaked ‘Loki’ Season 2 Set Photos Tease 70’s Setting

Season 2 of Loki, one of Marvel Studios’ most popular streaming series to date, is now in production in London and some intriguing set photos have now made their way online. The first season of the streamer shot in Atlanta and did so mostly in studio, meaning set leaks were extraordinarily rare. Getting a look at these set photos this early into production on Season 2 is extra exciting.

It looks as though Loki Season 2 is shooting on location at London’s Noel Theater and, according to the movie posters put up for the shoot, it’s likely that this portion of the show is set in 1974 or 1975.

As seen in pics, there’s a combination of real-life and in-universe films being advertised at the theaters. Herbie Rides Again, Airport 1975 and Earthquake all hit theaters in UK 1974, with Earthquake debuting in late November. The three other movie posters on display at the fictional Leopold Theater are wonderful Easter eggs. One is a film starring Kingo of the Eternals, another is for a film entitled Phone Ranger and the final two are for a horror film entitled Zaniac. Phone Ranger and Zaniac are among the deepest of DEEP cuts Marvel Studios has ever dropped in a production as both are incredibly obscure comic book characters.

Interestingly enough, the first look at Loki, presented by Kevin Feige back in 2019, featured the God of Mischiefoutside of a movie theater in what appeared to by 1975 New York. That concept was never explored in Season One, but it looks like Season 2 will make good on it and that a movie will be premiering at the Leopold Theater. Whether or not Loki will be there and what he’ll get up to remains to be seen, but it’s worth noting that the end of Season 1 took place in a timeline where thing in the TVA were a little different and Loki didn’t seem to have any allies there, meaning we might see him hopping around a bit while on the run.

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