Vincent D’Onofrio On Bringing His Approach to Kingpin into ‘Hawkeye’

In the opening moment of Episode 6 of Hawkeye, it was a bit obvious that Vincent D’Onofrio’s Kingpin wasn’t the same one fans had gotten to know over 3 seasons of Netflix’s Daredevil. Over the course of the episode, the different wardrobe and near superhuman resistance to damage continued to lead fans to believe this wasn’t the same old Wilson Fisk. While it still remains to be seen just how this Fisk fits into the Marvel Cinematic Universe following the events of Hawkeye, it’s likely we’ll see him again, giving D’Onofrio more room to grow in the role.

Recently the folks over at Marvel News Desk had the chance to sit down with the Kingpin himself and took the time to ask just how D’Onofrio went about bringing Fisk into the MCU, after all that time in a very different world at Netflix.

I have to say, that from the get-go with my involvement with Marvel, from Jeph Loeb to where we were at Hawkeye, that I’ve had complete freedom the whole time. I’m not sure why I have? I know that my initial coming into Netflix was contingent on whether I thought it was an interesting part for me, because I knew who Kingpin was.

Vincent D’Onofrio

D’Onofrio went on to describe how he was able to work closely with Marvel Studios’ Trinh Tran and the writers of Hawkeye to transition the character into the MCU:

You know with Hawkeye it was the same thing. I was immediately, you know Trinh had me on the phone immediately, and I was talking to writers and the producers and we were having-every couple of weeks-we were having discussions about script and about changes and about ideas in the way my approach was. And they were happy enough to pass that on to the directors and how I work, and my approach and how I felt about it, and Kevin was very clear that I was going to be able to bring my stuff into the part.

Vincent D’Onofrio

D’Onofrio has gone on record several times saying that he’s playing Fisk as if he were the same character as the one from the Netflix series. It’s clear from this interview that he truly cares for the character and any future appearances of Kingpin will benefit from his involvement in determining where he goes next.

SOURCE: Marvel News Desk

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