‘WANDAVISION’ Episode 4 Primer

We can all agree that the third episode of WandaVision, “Now in Color”, had a LOT going on. Wanda’s pregnancy goes VERY fast. Vision senses that something is wrong,  but when he starts trying to tell Wanda, the scene rewinds and starts over. By the end of the episode, Wanda and Vision have the two baby boys, formally known as Billy(Wiccan) and Tommy( Speed). In the comics they are part of the Young Avengers. Billy has the powers that his mother has, and Speed has the same powers as Pietro. Let’s go to Geraldine’s role in the show. Right from the beginning, we could tell she was a little weird; Agnes and Herb add to that by saying that she doesn’t have a house or a family. When she was with Wanda she somehow knew about Pietro being killed by Ultron. How does she know this? An angry Wanda kicks her out of whatever reality they are in. At the end of Vision, Agnes, and Herb’s conversation Herb says something like “We’re all…” but never finishes the line. What could he be saying?

Who Are the Mysterious Baby Twins in WANDAVISION? - Nerdist

I think that Westview is a real town and Wanda just took it over and made everyone puppets in her very own world. She made a perfect paradise for her and her family. She did all this so she could live a perfect life with the twins and Vision. Sometimes Vision starts saying things that might ruin her paradise and she simply makes it so it never happened. So obviously Vision thinks that something is wrong but Wanda makes it so he never gets to finish those thoughts.

Arlyn’s Assumptions

Elizabeth Olsen and Paul Bettany both say this next episode is mind-blowing and something huge is going to happen. Olsen says that it is a change in perspective. These past three episodes have been in Wanda and Vision’s perspective inside this bubble they are in. Maybe in this next episode, the perspective will shift to someone outside the bubble. As seen in the trailer Monica is outside of the bubble and reaches her hand in it. Also seen, the beekeeper guy that shows up is not in a beekeeper suit when he enters the bubble. This shift is mostly likely shifting into what’s happening from S.W.O.R.D.’s perspective.

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