‘WANDAVISION’ Episode 9 Primer

The last episode of WandaVision helped us see how we got to where we are. There are two major things that were presented clearly in the flashbacks. 1: Wanda has always had powers, 2: Her grief has shaped everything that has happened to her. The combo of those two things led to the BIG psychotic break that recreated the whole town of Westview to fit Wanda’s ideal life, including creating Vision out of nothing.

What Fate Awaits WANDAVISION's Twins, Billy and Tommy?


There are a few unresolved things that are going to have to get worked out in the finale. Vision is headed back to the house where the twins are being held captive by Agatha. Also, Woo, Monica, and Darcy have to wrap up their stories in some way. We also saw that they took Vision apart only to put him back together and create White Vision. Seeing this new version of her dead husband could really add another weight to Wanda’s shoulders.

Arlyn’s Assumptions

WandaVision' Episode 9: Predictions for Finale | Hollywood Reporter

The episode is probably going to be pretty intense right away with so many things to work out. Monica is sure to escape “Fietro” and find some way to try to help and finally show off her new powers but is she powerful enough? I think the series is going to end off with Dr. Strange showing up and teaming up with Wanda and the real Vision to defeat White Vision and Agatha. This will end up being a big fight scene that might mess something up in this reality. My one concern is who will fix it? Well there is a new Dr. Strange movie coming out and maybe the whole plot will be trying to fix what Wanda messed up in this reality. Real Vision will not make it out of this mess as the show has proven that he will fall apart outside of the HEX, so if this reality were to fall then he would die. But what about the twins?! With all the loss Wanda has already experienced, losing them too would be too much.

The final episode of WandaVision streams tomorrow

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