‘WANDAVISION’ To Have More Than 6 Episodes

Since Kevin Feige revealed Marvel Studios upcoming Disney Plus slate at SDCC ’19, fans have prepped themselves for 6-8 episodes of streaming goodness. In the case of WandaVision, it’s been the belief of fans that the show would be a 6 episode event set to change the Marvel Cinematic Universe; however, according to some new evidence, it looks like we might be in for at least NINE episodes of the show.

If you’ve been following me a while you probably figured out that sometimes I get bored, and when I get bored I go internet hunting for interesting comic book movie stuff to share with you all. Lately, with filming on hold currently, the hunt for Marvel movie or series news and tidbits is often a total bust. But occasionally I find some interesting reveals. This is a potentially great one for Wanda Maximoff and the Vision fans.

Last night I came across the resume for a stuntperson in the WandaVision series, and in it I found this…



I’m protecting the source a bit here, but trust me this is definitely a person who has worked on WandaVision, and I sincerely doubt they made a mistake in their resume listening. Possible, but I doubt it.

As you can see, the stunt person is listed for”WandaVision Ep. 109.” It’s standard procedure for the numbering system to show the season number first (1) and the episode second (09), meaning this actor worked on episode 9 of WandaVision!

There have been indications that Loki should have a second season, and we know that at one point there was planned to be a continuation of Sam and Bucky’s adventures on Disney plus, yet we’ve heard no word on that for WandaVision so far. Of course we don’t know how long to expect each episode to be, so we can’t expect 9 or more hour long episodes yet, but the possibility of an extended season is great news for fans thirsting for anything MCU related.

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